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3x5 Double Sided Black Antifa Flag

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Image of 3x5 Double Sided Black Antifa Flag

Double sided 3x5 ft polyester black Antifa flag with a black edging strip and brass grommets. These flags are perfect for protests or demonstrations because they're legible from whichever side you are viewing it. Made from three pieces of fabric.

To be quite honest, these are probably the highest quality Antifa flags available.


Q: Wait, didn't these used to be $20?
A: Yes, but we have switched to a new flag maker and not only are the flags a much higher quality, the cost to make them has gone up a little as well. The good news however is that these flags are realistically the highest quality Antifa flags ever made. That's not some sales pitch, it's probably true. On a personal and shop related note, these are the flags we set out to make when we started this project...unfortunately it took us a year to find the right flag maker. Long story short, this is why we had to increase the cost by $4.

Q: And the cost of shipping went up?
A: Sadly, yes. The old double sided flags weighed about 12oz, these new ones weigh about 4oz more, meaning once they're stuffed into a mailer, they basically weigh a pound...and that's when USPS hikes up the shipping price. This is why we had to increase the shipping cost by about $3.

For international shipping rates we use the USPS international shipping calculator to set our prices: https://ircalc.usps.com/